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Economic Benefit and Environmental Protection:
  • Montana has some of the most progressive and strict regulatory framework for mining operations in the entire world.  Tintina Montana supports this framework as a protection for the people and the environment of this great state. 
  • The domestic and global consumption of copper is increasing. Consumption will increase further as society moves toward copper intensive alternative energy sources.
  • The vast majority of Montanans believe Montana can play a role in providing for these needs while protecting the environment we live in, work in, play in and cherish.
  • Tintina Montana has provided a plan for their operations that meets or exceeds the requirements spelled out in Montana’s tough regulatory standards.
  • The Black Butte Copper Project will provide desperately needed economic benefit for local residents, businesses, schools, communities and counties and provide a foundation for economic stability when mining is complete.

Above and Beyond

Tintina Montana embraces thinking outside the box to find and implement ways of going Above and Beyond.   Examples of this include:

  • Creating a showcase underground mine as a model for future developments.
  • Using innovative approaches of proven technology by creating a cemented tailings facility that will have not dust or standing water.
  • Following the stringent Montana tailings legislation requirements even though our plan is exempt because we are using cemented tailings.
  • Fostering creation of the Meagher County Stewardship Council to act as independent community oversight of our project.
  • Creating a mitigation reservoir to ensure there is slightly more water in Sheep Creek during operation.
  • Using sealed containers to deliver the copper concentrate to rail to be loaded directly without any dust or contamination.
  • Completely reclaiming the entire mine site to return it to agriculture uses.
  • Having a closed system that treats all water with reverse osmosis and returns it directly to the groundwater system without any direct discharge.

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