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  • This Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) concerns an Evaluation Project for Montanore Minerals Corporation (MMC). This project is needed to collect, provide, and analyze additional geotechnical, hydrological, and other information that is key to moving forward with the Montanore Mine.

  • The SEIS does not permit the Montanore Mine but will allow MMC and state and federal regulatory agencies to decide whether and how to proceed with the Montanore Project.

  • While Montanore proposed action has minimal environmental impacts the agency modified alternative (Alternative 3) incorporates additional design and mitigation measures that further minimizes environmental impacts.

  • The project will utilize the existing infrastructure at the Montanore site with no additional disturbance at Libby adit site beyond the 11.6 acres already permitted by DEQ

  • The project includes dewatering of the current 14,000 foot Libby Adit and the development of 6300 feet of underground drifts (15 feet by 15 feet) and 35 drill stations.

  • During the project there will be negligible changes in streamflow in East Fork Rock Creek and East Fork Bull River and short-term beneficial increases in Libby Creek flow.

  • All drifts and drill pads will be kept 1,000 feet from Rock Lake and 300 feet from the Rock Lake Fault and requires verification by use of independent surveyors.

  • The reclamation plan and use of bulk heads will provide for return of pre-mining baseflow conditions in area streams.

  • Project access changes for wildlife mitigation would reduce the average annual sediment deliver to area streams from roads.

  • MMC will develop a transportation plan to minimize traffic effects on wildlife during the project.

  • The project also includes geotechnical investigations between Poorman Creek and Little Cherry Creek to provide additional information about subsurface conditions at a possible impoundment site.

  • Air emissions will be substantially less than allowed by MMC’s air quality permit by use of state of the art pollution controls on generators.

  • The USFS has determined that there will be no impact to Forest Service sensitive species, no direct effects on jurisdictional wetlands and no direct effects on wilderness character.

  • Upon approval of the project MMC would immediately provide over 742 acres of lands to be set aside for protection of grizzly bear habitat, undertake extensive bear awareness training for employees and contractors, and fund two new full-time local Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks positions for 5 years.

  • The preferred alternative includes extensive environmental monitoring before, during and after exploration activities.

  • MMC will be required to post financial assurances to guarantee reclamation activity is completed at the end of the Evaluation Project.

  • This Project would provide 40-50 high paying jobs in area desperate for working opportunities

  • Workers on the project will have above-average wages and will infuse much needed income to the local communities.

  • The Montanore Project has been in permitting for over a decade and local community is keenly supportive of responsible mineral development.

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