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Black Butte Copper Project


  • The project is a highly engineered underground mine.

  • The project protects all water quality and quantity.

  • At the conclusion of the project, no perpetual water treatment will be needed.

  • The project will, by law, be fully bonded for all reclamation needed after closure.

  • After reclamation, the land will be returned to agricultural uses.

  • The project is designed to meet or exceed all state and federal standards to prevent future problems.

  • When in operation, the project will provide 240 top paying jobs for 14 years.

  • Prepayment of taxes under the unique Montana Hardrock Impact Plan will give the local community the ability to upgrade community infrastructure in preparation for the mine and for use when the project is completed.

The Issue

After completing a multi-year rigorous review of the project proposal, the MDEQ released a draft EIS on March 11, 2019 and is now seeking public comment for 60 days on the mine proposal’s EIS.

The Environmental Impact Statement is available on the MDEQ website at (this will open a new window/tab). 

Quick Facts on the Black Butte Copper Project


Located 17 miles north of White Sulphur Springs, Tintina Montana, wholly owned by Sandfire Resources America Inc., is in the final stages of permitting the underground Black Butte Copper project.   Black Butte Copper’s upper and lower copper zones of the Johnny Lee Deposit, which contain 3.6% copper, boasts a concentration over 10 times higher than most existing copper mines. Black Butte Copper, an entirely underground mining operation, will allow traditional land uses such as agricultural cattle grazing and outdoor recreation to continue throughout the area.

All social and economic needs of the community will be addressed up front through a unique to Montana statute providing for a Hard Rock Mining Impact Plan. This plan has been finalized and approved by the Meagher County Commissioners and sent to the Hard Rock Mining Impact Planning Board appointed by the Governor for implementation upon a Record of Decision.


Additional Information:

  • Tintina Montana has invested over $60 million exploring the Black Butte project;
  • Tintina Montana has located nearly one billion pounds of copper so far;
  • Tintina Montana has a very good reclamation record, having re-contoured and re-seeded all of its exploration drill sites;
  • Tintina Montana’s activities are entirely on private ranch lands;
  • The Black Butte Copper Project is privileged to employ several Meagher County present and past residents.  These Montanans know and appreciate the area and share the desire of their friends and neighbors to conduct its operations with the utmost consideration for their community and their environment.

Comment Period Ends May 10th!

Time Left to Comment:

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The MT Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) is accepting comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Please comment now and review the information throughout this site.

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